Application Form…

Terms & Conditions!

Important details of the application form to adhere by below.

  1. The organisers will allocate all stalls. Stall holders & Traders will not be able to select their own sites
  2. All Stall holders /Traders vehicles will be inspected prior to entry on site. Inspections will be carried out by Birmingham City Councils Safety teams.
  3. Traders must only sell goods as stated on the application form and pre-approved by CSGB. Any other items being sold may be confiscated.
  4. Stall holders /Traders are not permitted to sell any item which may be deemed as weapons or potential weapons. By doing so you will be prevented from trading due to non adherence of the rules.
  5. Stall holders /Traders are forbidden to sublet any part of their stall/pitch to third parties.
  6. Vehicles are only to enter park between 07.00am – 9.30am. Entry prior to 7.00am is prohibited.
  7. Strictly NO vehicle movement allowed in park between 10am – 6.30pm.
  8. All stalls and pitches must be sited by 9.00am and should be ready to trade by 11am.
  9. ALL Vehicles, after unloading stock, must park in the designated area in Handsworth Park (site plan will be provided closer to event)
  10. Only refrigerated vans are allowed to remain on the park and must remain stationary between 10.00am – 6.30pm (NO other vans or vehicles)
  11. The ONLY body permitted to fundraise/collect donations at the event is the CSGB. Any other organisation, individual or group that is found to be fundraising/collecting donations will have such collections permanently confiscated and these will be put into the Golak (donation box) in the Darbar Sahib (Prayer Hall)
  12. Stallholders and Traders are responsible for their own security arrangements together with any necessary insurance of their own belongings or equipment. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to equipment brought onto or left in the park. Stall Holders/ Traders shall indemnify the organisers against all claims for damages, compensation or costs in respect of personal injury and /or loss or theft and/or damage to property of any person or persons which arise out of an incident in any way connected with the stall holder/traders presence at the event.
  13. All stall holders and traders are reminded that they are responsible for the observance by themselves, their employees and their contractors, of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the relevant statutory provisions covering all safety regulations.
  14. All stallholders and Traders are responsible for their litter and to ensure it is placed in the bins provided by the CSGB
  15. Strictly NO products containing meat, fish or egg in any form (gelatine) as well as any form of intoxication is allowed. Including prizes and hampers.
  16. Items sold or information distributed should NOT be contra to Sikh principles. Any uncertainty about items to be sold/distributed should be clarified with CSGB organisers PRIOR to booking.
  17. Caterers are to adhere to ALL Birmingham City Council catering guidelines. Full public liability insurance and food hygiene certification are required. Copies must be included with the application. Food temperature records must also be completed and retained for inspection on the day. The decision to allow you to trade is solely that of Birmingham City Councils environmental health officers. If you are prevented from trading due to non-adherence, you will NOT be issued a refund and CSGB will not be liable for any losses incurred.
  18. All LPG gas bottles MUST be stored and secured in cages. (Separate guidelines will be issued regarding the safe use of LPG on site at event)
  19. CSGB have the right to cancel the booking at any time

Please Note:
• This is an Alcohol and Smoking FREE event – A zero tolerance policy will be enforced
• Electrical power is NOT provided unless requested and paid for at the time of booking.
• Trading standards will be carrying out inspections throughout the event and non conforming stall holders will be prevented from trading. No
refunds will be issued if this is the case.
• Food safety teams will be carrying out food safety checks at ALL food stalls & vehicles prior to trading
• Marquees must be supplied by a Birmingham City Council approved supplier
• Stall holders contradicting any of the above guidelines or terms and conditions will be asked to close their stall.