Great opportunities for Vaisakhi 2018

In putting together the Vaisakhi Open Air Celebrations, the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham would like to extend our warmest and heartiest welcome.

The Vaisakhi open air celebrations aim to give all business and industry players a prominent and visible role in the event through tailor-made sponsorship opportunities. These partnerships will allow business leaders from a broad spectrum of sectors to interact directly with CSGB’s estimated 100,000 audience, on the day.


With two separate street processions starting from either side of Birmingham convening to meet at Handsworth Park, the celebration displays the vibrancy and splendour of a Nation proud of it’s heritage and belonging. As the community comes together to commemorate in joy and fervour, we would consider it our humblest honour to have you there with us to partake in the day’s festivities.

A Marketing and Sponsorship pack has been created to present the various opportunites that are available this year. Click on the pack below to find out more…