Community Consultation

CSGB focus on the principles and procedures

for making consultation work

CSGB consults with the local mainstream statutory and voluntary agencies on policy and strategies which affect the local Sikh community, ranging from economic influences to socio-cultural perspectives.

It would be impossible to discuss the extent of consultation which the CSGB has given in its short history, however, some examples largely from the past year are given below and serve as an illustration of consultation work carried out. Consultation has been far reaching and has included strategic and corporate strategies for city-wide plans, as well as community specific issue based needs.

By focussing on the key principles for effective community consultation, consultation can be involving, meaningful, useful and effective. These principles for effective community consultation provide a useful starting point for making consultation work.

CSGB use the following ten principles below for effective community consultation and apply them in every consultative situation. Community consultations should be:

  • timely
  • inclusive
  • community-focussed
  • interactive and deliberative
  • effective
  • matter
  • well-facilitated
  • open, fair and subject to evaluation
  • cost effective
  • flexible

They help provide a framework for making community consultation effective and meaningful, and help practitioners avoid some of the most common pitfalls of consultation. This is the first element of achieving community consultation that works.